We are here because we care more about civil liberties and our kid's futures than our current tax bracket.  We won't stay silent and we can't show indifference.  In order to truly ensure our products produce change, we donate 15% of our proceeds to organizations that protect marginalized groups, education, and the environment.  

We invite you to check out our products, and encourage you to speak your mind, RESIST, have a laugh, and wear your inner activist!  

Want to be part of the cause?  Click here to see what volunteer opportunities are available in your hood, and click here to join the resistance calendar of events.  

Cause of the Month

This month, 15% of our sales will be going to PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Planned Parenthood is a non-profit healthcare provider, educator, and global advocate for affordable and safe reproductive care for women (and men).  Planned Parenthood is our gynecologist, and they are at risk of losing funding to help millions of women all over the US obtain fundamental healthcare.  We invite you to check out their site and if you would like to donate beyond the 15% included in your purchase, please click here to take action and stand with planned parenthood!